How To Make a HTTPS Compliant Banner

All banners on DELFI should be HTTPS compliant because if a request is for a resource to unsecure location is made the request will be blocked and the banner will be broken, will log errors in console and display an empty container on the page. This must be avoided.

To make a HTTPS compliant banner all you have to do is make sure the banner does not make requests to unsecure locations.

Most banner creation tools like Adobe Animate CC, Google Web Designer and Tumult Hype already comply with https but there are still a few (Adobe Edge Animate for example) that do not. You can check if your banner is HTTPS compliant by opening the published banner in Google Chorme, opening the dev tools and checking the scheme column in network tab for requests to http locations.

Adobe Edge HTTPS

To make a https compliant banner using Adobe Edge you have to edit the html file of the published banner. To do so, follow the instructions below.

  • Create the banner and publish
  • Open the folder of the published banner
  • Right click the .html file and open with text editor
  • Find the
  • Replace that with
  • Close the file and you are done

Tumult Hype

To make a https compliant banner using Tumult Hype and still use external script do the follow the publish instructions on Tumult Hype page