XML Banners

XML banners are a convenient advertisement solution where the client provides a updated feed with info that is collected and processed by DELFI and used in a banner template. This makes it easier for the client to update info on the banner without having to create a new banner every time.

Below we have provided a standard structure and setup of XML feed that we strongly recommend be used. Banner template design is up to the client but the feed itself should follow the specifications.


The client is required to provide:

XML Feed:
The feed has a root element of <adsection> that contains <product> elements. Each <product> must have an <image> and <url> elements. Optionally it can have <description> and <price>.

  • <adsection> is the root element that contains the repeating elements
    • <product> is the repeating element that is the thing the client updates
      • <image> is the product image - *required
      • <url> is the adress where the user is sent to if clicked on the product - *required
      • <description> info about the product - *optional
      • <price> the price of the product - *optional
  • XMLi must have UTF-8 ecoding and the XML must validate - there should be no errors opening the feed in a browser
  • Usual &, <, > characters have to be converted into html specific character
  • It is recommended to use XML specific CDATA function, where you can add standard strings. Read more about that here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CDATA
  • XML should be uploaded onto client server, public adress and be accessible. The feed may be password protected, our systems support password protected feeds.
  • The interval of how often the feed is check is set up as needed but will not be shorter than every 30 minutes.
  • The image may be max quality and will be processed by DELFI
  • It is strongly reccomended that the image provided be in correct aspect ratio