Adform HTML5 Studio

Adform's powerful HTML5 Studio is an easy-to-use advanced toolkit, which allows you to create impressive HTML5 Banners from scratch, using all of the most popular HTML5 formats. Adform HTML5 Studio also allows you to upload, preview, edit and test any HTML5 banner, meaning you have a choice between using the pre-defined banner templates available within the toolkit, or simply using your own.

Do note that most custom Rich Media solutions for Eksprss Meedia have been customized. If provided - always use the customized base template provided by Delfi Meedia

Adding clickTAG

This will make the whole banner area clickable in few easy clicks!

  1. Create your banner without clickTAG, and publish it without clickTAG, save it as zip archive
  2. Upload your banner to AdForm HTML5 Studio
    HINT: you can drag'n'drop your zip file into studio Dashboard!
  3. Select banner Format and Dimensions ( unless stated otherwise use format "Display > Standard" )
  4. Click on the menu in the far right top side of the screen and click "Global Clicktag"
  5. Enter the landing page url (this can be changed later) and click Proceed
  6. Export banner using the button on the right top menu: